Swiss Software Engineer


Take a look at some books I'm reading, have read or I'm planning to read.

  • Testing Elixir

    Andrea Leopardi and Jeffrey Matthias

    Effective and Robust Testing for Elixir and its Ecosystem

  • Understanding Computation

    Tom Stuart

    A fun and interesting book about computation theory, with explanations written in real Ruby code instead of mathematical notation.

  • Database Internals

    Alex Petrov

  • Rust in Action

    Tim McNamara

  • Go in Action

    William Kennedy with Brian Ketelsen and Erik St. Martin

  • Seven Concurrency Models in Seven Weeks

    Paul Butcher

    A guide and comparison of seven different concurrency models present in different languages.

  • Real-Time Phoenix

    Stephen Bussey

    Deepdive into Phoenix Channels and patters for real time applications.

  • Designing your work life

    Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

  • Designing Elixir Systems with OTP

    Bruce Tate and James Gray

    A good book for anyone that is unsure on how to structure their Elixir applications.

  • Programming Ecto

    Darin Wilson and Eric Meadows-Jonsson

    A good book for anyone who wants to get the full potential out of Ecto.

  • Release It!

    Michael T. Nygard

    Release production application without sleepless nights.

  • Elixir in Action

    Saša Jurić

    The best book to dive into elixir and the BEAM ecosystem.

  • Programming Phoenix

    Bruce Tate, Chris McCord, and Jose Valim

    An easy and full fledged introduction to the Phoenix web-framework.

  • Brief answers to the big questions

    Stephen Hawking

  • It doesn't have to be crazy at work

    Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson

    A book on what it takes to run a company where employees are happy and productive.

  • We have no idea

    Daniel Whiteson and Jorge Cham

    A great book about the many unknowns on science presented with great humor.

  • Metaprogramming Ruby

    Paolo Perrotta

    A good deep dive into the Ruby object model and various metaprogramming technics.

  • The RSpec Book

    David Chelimsky, Dave Astels

    A great introduction to behaviour driven design and the rspec/cucumber toolset. Don't take the ideas to serious but get inspired by it.